The Importance Of High Quality Laboratory Labels

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The Importance Of High Quality Laboratory Labels


What are Laboratory Labels?

Laboratory labels are specially designed labels that are used to mark test tubes, blood bags, and other medical items or equipment in the laboratories. It contains various information about the medical items such as date of manufacture date, expiration date, sampling data, batch number, etc. These labels help the healthcare workers to identify, track and maintain the laboratory specimens in very less time without any errors.  Laboratory labels should be highly durable so that they can easily survive extreme weather conditions. There are different types of laboratories labels such as laboratory colored tape, consecutive numbered labels, microscope slide labels, specimen labels, cryogenic laboratory labels, warning storage labels, communication labels, and quality control labels.


Types of Laboratory labels

1.Consecutive Numbered Labels     

Consecutive numbered labels are very useful in order to track a large variety of patient samples and specimens. They are also used in combination with patient health records to ensure the sequence of supervision.  

2. Microscope Slide Labels

Microscope Slide Labels provide the essential information about the specimens seen under a microscope. They are used on glass, fiberglass, and plastic microscope slides.

3. Cryogenic Laboratory Labels

Cryogenic Laboratory Labels are designed to survive cryogenic conditions and stay intact for a long period of time when stored at extremely low temperatures

4. Warning Storage Labels

Warning storage labels ensure that containers holding common reagents and dangerous compounds are correctly labeled. They help in reducing accidents and illnesses.

5.Quality Control Labels

They guarantee that classifications are fulfilled before using, storing, or shipping components and products. They assist in the management of pharmaceuticals, reagents, central supply bins, dated inventory, and many other things.

Why These Laboratory Labels are so Important?

Laboratory labels are very important in order to increase the productivity and efficiency of pharmaceutical stores and laboratories. If you want to make your lab successful then, you should know about the importance of laboratory labels. There are the following reasons that prove why these laboratory labels are important for you. 


During experiments, there are some chances that you will use the wrong chemicals in your project because of missing labels. This makes your experiment fails and wastes your time and resources. So, to solve this issue, laboratory labels are introduced. These labels help you to identify the substances and do proper use of the correct chemicals in the experiment.

2.Expired Item

In the laboratories, there are some chemicals and substances that have expired and are no longer usable over the time period. In this case, you will not able to identify the expired substances because of missing labels and use them in your experiment which results in failure. If you want to know which chemicals are expired or which are still usable, then you will label them.


In laboratories, there are some materials that need to be stored in the right places, otherwise, they will react with the surroundings and becomes unusable. So, it becomes very important that you should know about them. So for this, you can label the materials as well as storage containers. These labels will ensure that you will place the materials in the proper place.


These laboratory labels are very helpful in order to provide safety to you as well as your laboratory. If a test tube contains some hazardous chemicals and doesn’t have a proper label on it, then there are high chances that you will use them in your experiment accidentally and put your life at risk. So, the proper labeling of these test tubes is very important for safety purposes.


Create Laboratory Labels using Healthcare Industry Barcode Software:                    

If you want to create high-quality laboratory labels in less time without much effort then, you can use our Healthcare Industry Barcode Software. It can create multiple numbers of barcode labels at a time. It has a basic interface so that anyone can operate this software easily without any technical guidance. It supports all types of barcode printers and scanners. You can save the labels in different image file formats such as JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF, etc. You can print multiple copies of barcode labels on a single sheet of paper.


Applications of Healthcare Industry Barcode Software:

Healthcare Industry Barcode Software designs different barcode labels for pharmaceutical equipment, medical devices, healthcare products, etc. It is very useful in order to maintain patient records, verify medicines and track various medical equipment details. Healthcare Barcode Label Application creates multiple barcode labels used in healthcare industries, hospitals, pharmaceuticals labs, nursing homes, private clinics, etc. It helps the healthcare industries to improve productivity and efficiency by creating high-quality barcode labels, tags, and stickers.



Create Multiple Laboratory Labels using Batch Processing Series Feature:

The software has an advanced batch processing series feature that helps you to create multiple copies of laboratory labels with different barcode and text values. You can use this feature in two different ways, by custom datasheet or by using created data list. First, you will need to create a series, you can create by selecting Create Series option or you can import the series from excel or a text file.  Select the Create series option and you can generate three different types of series, sequential series, constant value series, and random series. In sequential series, you can generate the list in an ordered format. In constant values series, you can generate the list with constant values. In random series, you can generate the list with random values.  Create a new excel file or text file, add different barcodes and text values to it, and after that, import this file by selecting the Batch Processing Import Wizard option.  



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