Bulk SMS Marketing Using SMSINTEGRA

saravanask1997@ | May 21, 2021, 5:11 p.m.

Bulk SMS Marketing Using SMSINTEGRA

Bulk SMS Marketing

Communicate with your clients through a channel that cuts through the noise to achieve real results. Talk to us at SMSINTEGRA about bulk SMS marketing now to see what you can accomplish.

What is Bulk SMS Services?

Bulk SMS Service has multiple advantages. It's fresh single than telephonic chats, making it the perfect form of communication when you don't want disturbance. Compared to making phone calls or sending e-mails, Bulk SMS is lesser time consuming. Unlike instant messenger and e­mail, SMS doesn't need you to have your computer. SMS refers to a store­ and­ forward service, indicating that if you send a message, the text message doesn't go straight to the cell phone of the client. This method's advantage is that the cell phone of the client doesn't have to be in a range or active for you to send messages. The message gets stored inside the SMSC until the recipient moves into a range in which the text message is delivered or turns his or her cell phone on.

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